Guest Blogger: Gina | Bay Area Book Photographer

“I am so excited to share the amazing feedback I have received on your beautiful Vintage Knits book. Of course, since my little girl was one of the models, the book adorns our coffee table and will be a cherished keepsake forever. This Christmas, I decided to spread the joy and purchased 20 copies for family and friends. Almost everyone receiving the book loves to knit, which was both coincidental and very special.

At each gift opening, it was fun to see the reactions. They gleamed at the beautiful photographs taken and commented on how my daughters true self was captured “exactly.”  With each turn of the page, there were ooooohhhhs and aaahhhhs about the adorable pictures and the lovely pieces. After closely examining the patterns, there was a consensus of encouraged knitters that these would not be “too difficult” to re create. I cannot wait to see some of them in person soon. I will continue to share this beautiful treasure with more friends and family as the occasions arise.

I had fun explaining the story of our wonderful experience working with you. I was thrilled that my little 10 month old, blue eyed dolly was asked to be part of such a neat project. I was not sure what to expect for the photo shoot day, would she cry, cooperate, cling to me, hummm?  It was incredible how you welcomed us into your home and created such a calm, warm environment where all she wanted to do was laugh, giggle, smile and just be herself.

Your talents and the quality of your work amaze me. And beyond that, you were working on this project 8 month pregnant. I was in awe. I thought it was so cool that for the shoot, nothing was completely set in stone. You worked with where the lighting was best, where and when the baby was at her best, you were up, down, all around and within a very few shots and a very short time, her piece was complete. And again, you were 8 month pregnant…wow.. We felt fortunate that you shared your incredible talents with us and it was a day I will always remember, my 10 month old will have the book as her memory.

Thanks again Angela! At some point over the holiday, I am sure your ears must have been ringing…with all of the comments around the book..and finally had to sit down and share. Have a great 2010 and best of luck on your future endeavors.

ps…I love to stay current with your photo blog to see all of your fantastic work, honestly out of this world.”  – Gina


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