Model Spotlight on Ella | Bay Area Book Photographer

The first time I photographed Ella was when she was still growing in her mommy’s tummy – it was a maternity session.  The next time she was in front of my camera was when she was one years-old.  When the book model shoot was going on, I remembered her beauty and suggested to her mom that she submit some recent pictures.

When Hadley, the book author, saw Ella’s photo she exclaimed, “SHE’S PERFECT!” and proceeded to make the knit she’s wearing below in her size just so that she could be in the book.  And of no surprise, Ella WAS perfect and really loved having her picture taken and was a joy to photograph.  Thank you Ella, and Julie for making it happen.  Once she received her mom wrote me, “Hi Angela, Your book is marvelous.  I think you have done such a great job capturing the children beautifully!!!!!!    WOW…..What a debut to your profession.  I wish you much luck my friend.”  Julie

To see larger image click on the image.


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